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Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park
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There's only one Earth: We should know how it works

Geophysicists study Earth and planetary processes through laboratory experiments, computational and theoretical modeling, remote imaging, and direct observation. At Stanford, our teaching and research focus on understanding systems critical to the future of civilization. Students apply expertise to fundamental research sustaining life on Earth, combining underlying science with studies of Earth’s environment and resource needs. Such breadth of exposure is highly sought after and leads to careers in academia, industry, and government.

Degree programs

Graduate Admissions

The Department of Geophysics offers graduate education in a wide range of geophysical disciplines.

How to Apply

Undergraduate Programs

The mission of our undergraduate programs is to expose students to a broad spectrum of geophysics, including: resource exploration, environmental geophysics, seismology, and tectonics.

Major, Minor, Honors Program

Graduate Programs

The objective of our graduate programs is to prepare students to be leaders in geophysics, academia, government, the private sector, non-profit and other organizations, through the completion of fundamental courses in their major field and related sciences, as well as through independent research.

Current Graduate Student Resources
MS, PhD Programs
Coterminal MS Program

Meet some of our community members


Exploring Earth's equations

Jenny Suckale, Assistant Professor

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Today's Earth science is data driven

The satellite and supercomputer are the tools of modern geoscientists whose work spans from climate change projections to earthquake simulations and energy resources optimization. Stanford Earth scientists are as likely to be in front of an electronic screen, analyzing torrents of remote-sensing data as they are to be drilling ice cores in Antarctica.

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Geophysics Events

No events are currently scheduled.

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