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Resources and Financial Support

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Prospective applicants: Please see the Geophysics Admissions website for information about funding Geophysics Graduate Admissions

External Funding

Prospective students are strongly encouraged to apply for external fellowships, such as the National Science FoundationDepartment of Energy, or Department of Defense fellowships. If the external fellowship is not sufficient to cover the standard department support level, a supplement will be provided by the University, the department or a research advisor. These fellowships strongly enhance your resume for your future career.

Fellowship & Grant Opportunities

Geophysics has a travel and conference fund to support students who travel in relation to the academic work they are doing. This can be to deliver a research paper to a professional meeting or to conduct field work related to the research project you are doing to earn your degree. Funds are generally limited to one time per student per academic year. An application is forthcoming. In the mid-time, students should contact Clark Campagna, Assistant Director of Student Services, for more information.

Stanford Support Programs

The University has created programs specifically for graduate students dealing with challenging financial situations. More information can be found on their website: Stanford Financial Aid Support Programs. Payroll deduction information can be found on this website: Payroll Deduction

Breadth Requirement (formally called Second Project) Funding

The Department provides up to $1,000 to be used for the breadth requirement.  The funds can be used to support research and to present results. Students should consult with their advisor and secondary research advisor for guidance on funding support.

Additional Support at Stanford

Explore the wide range of funding opportunities available to Geophysics graduate students

McGee and Levorsen Research Grant Program

Created to fund innovative, pioneering research projects that would not be possible without these grants.

Learn more about these grants


VPGE Fellowship & Funding

Supporting individual doctoral students, student groups, and department-based projects that promote innovation, diversity, and excellence in graduate education.

Explore VPGE funding opportunities

Morrison Institute for Population and Resource Studies

Encouraging interdisciplinary approaches in areas related to the global issues of growth in world population, changes in the environment, use of resources, and attainment of sustainable economic development.

Learn more about this institute

The Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

Provides funding for student-initiated research and for student participation in conferences

Learn more about this funding

More questions?

If you have questions, please contact Lakshmi Mani,