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GEOPHYS 190: Near-Surface Geophysics: Imaging Groundwater Systems

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Instructor: Rosemary Knight


Can we use periods of flooding to recover from and prepare for periods of drought?

ANALYZE 25,000 km of geophysical data to locate sites in the Central Valley where we can use floodwater to recharge the groundwater systems.

Introduction to geophysical methods that can be used for imaging and characterizing groundwater systems. Recurring periods of drought and flooding in California have led state and local water agencies to search for ways to capture flood water and use it to recharge (refill) the over-pumped groundwater systems. The course this year will be structured around analyzing a new geophysical data set to identify optimal locations for recharge. The data set: 26,000 kilometers of electromagnetic data, acquired with a helicopter-deployed system, which image the groundwater systems of the Valley to a depth of ~300 m. We will analyze these data to find optimal sites for recharge by mapping out the variation in sediment type and identifying pathways for flow. Pre-requisite: CME 100 or Math 51, or co-registration in either.

4 Units – Spring Quarter

Tuesday and Thursday 1:30-2:50

Mitchell Building 350/372

Fulfills Way – SMA

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